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Foot Anointing at Saddleback Church

May 4, 2022

God wants to speak to us through His word.


In November I had a daydream. I read the verse “Let him be favored among his brothers, and let him bathe his feet in oil.” I felt the Lord calling me to reenact this sign of blessing and prosperity on the Play Higher athletes and mark them with God’s favor. Let our players’ feet bring glory to God!


A week later, I went to hang out with Jason Lynch in Atlanta. He showed me around the Chick-fil-A headquarters where I saw a statue of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.


Another week later, while I was visiting our player Matthew Hoppe in Mallorca, we ended up washing each other’s feet as we didn’t want to get sand in the car on the way home from the beach. Hoppe had just signed his first multi-million dollar contract at 19 years old. 


Last Holy Thursday I felt called to anoint Colton and Cade’s feet after my mom reminded me of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.


This is a physical act we can do to our Play Higher athletes and bless them in their careers and in their walk with God. It was a special moment with tears and joy. Let’s pray for God’s anointing on all of our players’ journeys!


Also, please be praying for new street soccer balls as the funds become available.




Coach Justice