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Plenty of Goals and Assists

April 15, 2021

Play Higher FC players have contributed to over 400 goals in the past two months. Here are a few players’ incredible stats:

-Camila Hernandez has scored 8 goals and 10 assists in her last 7 games (Strikers 07 ECNL)

-Jonah Levandofsky has scored 9 goals and 8 assists in his last 10 games (Liverpool FC Academy)

-Gigi Nacelli has scored 23 goals in her last 10 games (Blues 2010 Flight 1)

This only highlights a few of the top goal creators recently. I am very proud of the players, but I am also not surprised. This is the outcome of athletes who are in love with the process and are constantly immersing themselves in the free-play sessions. These players have gotten hundreds of thousands of touches, made hundreds of thousands of game-like decisions, had hundreds of thousands of game-like opportunities in front of goal, and are being rewarded by finding such a steady rhythm in their game. I truly enjoy watching all the videos and goals sent to me by the coaches and parents of my players in their teams’ games. Even the defensive players are getting in on the scoring and assisting as well as leading their teams to clean sheets, such as Megan Mills (West Coast FC 05 GA), Finn Linas (Irvine Strikers 05), and Maddie Finnerty (SD Surf 05 ECNL).

I continue to study the story of all of the best players in the world and implement it into the Play Higher FC sessions. I want to create an environment that mirrors the hotbeds of talent coming from Brazil, France, and Germany. I am excited to share with you all the upcoming projects that I am working on. I remain committed to providing the best extra training environment at the lowest cost possible.

I genuinely love ALL of my players and love to see them growing in confidence in their game and into young adults. I see youth sports as a great vehicle to develop healthy and happy people.

Please continue to keep up the amazing work, everyone!


Justice Duerksen
Play Higher FC