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Surf Cup 2022

This past weekend, Pastor Walmer and I drove down to San Diego to watch some athletes from Play Higher play in the finals of Surf Cup with their respective teams. […]

From the Vault

Play Higher 2016. My friends, family, and I started Play Higher with the goal of keeping young athletes charged up on God’s Love and giving them the best extra training […]

Congrats, Beckett & Maxim!

Congrats to Beckett Miller and Maxim Scordo for getting called into the USYNT 2007 ID Camp! This makes for 9 Play Higher athletes to get called up to Youth National […]

Foot Anointing at Saddleback Church

God wants to speak to us through His word.   In November I had a daydream. I read the verse “Let him be favored among his brothers, and let him […]

Fall Quarter 2021 Recap

Happy Holidays to the Play Higher Family! Thank you for making it a fun & fruitful fall season. I am blessed to get to coach the Play Higher athletes. I […]

Growing a Happy, Healthy, High-Performing Athlete in this Age of Anxiety

I’m not a psychologist. I’m a soccer coach with a Master’s in Social Work. I am concerned. We at Play Higher are seeing what seems to be an anxiety epidemic […]

Congrats, Tristan Weber!

Congrats to our player TWEBZ on his first pro contract! Many more to come!   Tristan dropped out of SDSU with 2 seasons left to play as he felt called […]

Summer 2021 Recap

Hey Everyone –    What a summer at Play Higher! Thank you for all the support you give to Play Higher! All of this would not be possible without you! […]

Player Spotlight: Matthew Hoppe

Matthew Hoppe was 13 years old when he began coming to Play Higher FC street soccer at the Saddleback Church parking lot. We only hosted the events on Friday nights as I was still playing at UC San Diego.

Plenty of Goals and Assists

Play Higher FC players have contributed to over 400 goals in the past two months. Here are a few players’ incredible stats: -Camila Hernandez has scored 8 goals and 10 […]